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Way of a beginner macrame-lover

From time to time I get messages/questions from macrame beginners who do not know where to start and how to start and feeling late even to begin learning when they see people around making sophisticated things. Here are 4 steps to alleviate those fears: (applicable not only for macrame beginners btw) First, there is nothing […]

Micro-macrame threads overview

What thread do you use? Here is the long version of my answer to this question. Please note, that this is not an Ad. I will describe the cords I use regularly. I do use other cords sometimes, but the characteristics are mostly the same. The photo of the classical macrame leaf illustrates the different […]

Train your imagination

Is Imagination indeed such an ephemeral substance? Why do some people generate hundreds of wonderful ideas many of which remain just ideas because of lack of time, while others run circling around the room and spend sleepless nights trying to produce just one original thought? What is a way out for ordinary artisans sitting in front […]

Зачем нам рукоделие.

Несмотря на то, что популярность рукоделия как хобби последнее время растет, среди не затронутой этим явлением части населения есть скептики. дальнейшее предназначено для сомневающейся части населения :). Среди несомненных плюсов занятий рукоделием:  медитация, антисресс. Погружение в себя и работу, обдумывание деталей приносит спокойствие. А члены семьи очень скоро начинают разделять Ваш интерес. Любопытство толкает детей к […]