About the page

Welcome to my page, which is dedicated mostly to the fine art of micro-macrame. I am a jewelry designer working in this technique. You can read about who and what I am in the Artist section. You can admire my works in the Gallery section. If you want to buy my works, please visit the section Available . Email me at artnodus@yandex.ru to discuss the details. If you want to learn the art of micromacrame, please, find free lessons in the School section. Tutorials Section contains micromacrame elements’ tutorials: to buy and free of charge. The Books section is about my books with micromacrame tutorials. As my interests go beyond micro-macrame I write articles on various topics. You can find them in the Articles section. You are welcome to contact me on any questions via email: artnodus@yandex.ru You can find me also in Facebook and Instagram. My page is still under construction, I am working to make better navigation, layout and so on. You are most welcome to follow my progress! J