General Instructions and Terms.

Some General Instructions and Terms.

Work in a well-lighted environment, best of all with a natural light. From time to time make eye gymnastics. Make pauses in your work.

For complete beginners the next rule is to not be impatient. Before you begin making some big piece of art master your knots. Learn to tie them right and evenly. The accuracy and precision of each knot will show in the final appearance of your work.

To learn your knots:

  • please choose thicker cords (2 mm). You will see the form of the finished knot easier, see if you have made a mistake. You should get used to the view of the finished knots to be sure you make each of them correct. Read also the article “Micro-macrame threads overview”.
  • you will need a macrame board. You can buy it from a store or make one yourself. Please find a short instruction here:
  • pins with heads. Please do not use very large pins as they can obstruct you view and damage the cord.
  • sharp scissors or a blade.

Some vocabulary:

  • Anchor-Cord (AC) – the cord, around which you make a knot. The AC should be hold tightly and tense.
  • Working cord (WC)- the cord, which you tie into a knot around the AC. Each knot should be tightened.
  • Sliding loop (SL) is used to fix the AC to the working board.
  • Lark’s head (LH) is used to mount working cords to the anchor cord.
  • Horizontal half-hitch HH and double half-hitch DHH
  • Vertical half-hitch VHH and double half-hitch VDHH
  • Frivolite Knot (FT)
  • Square Knot (SK)

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