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Dragon skin pattern

Micro-macrame pattern for the Dragon skin as in the Dragon bracelet (photo). The tutorial consists of 40 photos. The tutorial is simple and no extended explanation is given. If you need knot explanation and details, look for it at macrame school. You will need cords of two colors – one for the grid, another one for […]

Bee-orchid flower. Tutorial

The Tutorial is a set of photos, describing the process of knotting of a bindweed flower. The flowers can be used further by themselves or as a part in any piece to one’s liking. There is no instruction to individual knots (you can find them at the “school” section). The knots used in this tutorial are: Mounting […]

Thirstle Tutorial.

The Thirstle Tutorial is a set of photos, describing the process of knotting of the simpler version of the thirstle flower and leaf. There is no instruction to assembling the elements into final piece of ornament. There is no instruction to individual knots (you can find them at the “school” section). The knots used in […]

Lily of the Valley Brooch Tutorial

The tutorial is a pdf-file, 33 pages, more than 110 photos with detaled description. Please, read the info on the photos carefully. The tutorial costs $13, payment details are at the bottom of the page. Due to a preset minimum payment amount as of $20 or 20 euro it is only possible to buy both […]

Micro-macrame threads overview. Part 2.

I am adding new metallic thread in my overview of threads I use for micro-macrame. This thread I bought on Aliexpress in Sanbest shop. The link is in the end of the article. According to the manufacture the 4-ply thread is 0.28 mm, 750 m in a bobbin. As stipulated, the thread comprises of 4 […]

Micro-macrame threads overview

What thread do you use? Here is the long version of my answer to this question. Please note, that this is not an Ad. I will describe the cords I use regularly. I do use other cords sometimes, but the characteristics are mostly the same. The photo of the classical macrame leaf illustrates the different […]

Brooch “Eucalyptus”

The most challenging was to find the right shade of green for the leaves. To tell the truth the thread on the spill was more greenish, but when knotted it looks just right smoky. Still the small brooch is a failure. The stamens should be more regular. Such comes the bigger one with regular stamens […]

Macrame Board

To make a macrame board you will need a corkboard (approx 30×40 cm or 12×16 inches) and styrophorm boards. For styrophorm you can easily use packaging styrophorm. Cut styrophorm in the size of your corkboard. The styrophorm should be thick enough not to let your pins come through. If you have thinner styrophorm, make some […]