Lesson 1. Sliding Loop. Mounting Anchor cord.

  1. Sliding Loop (SL) is used to attach Anchor cord (and additional cords when needed) to the working surface.

Cut a cord approximately 60 cm (23 inches) long. With your thumb and index fingers take the cord in the approximate middle. Move your fingers about 5 cm (2 inches) to the right of the middle. Leave the longer tail of the cord hanging, and the shorter part should go up between your fingers. Wrap the shorter tail of the cord once around your index finger, slide the loop from your finger. In this loop insert a loop made of the rest of the shorter tail of the cord. Tighten, taking care that the last loop stays the loop. If while tightening you notice, that the second loop can unwrap, pull the longer tail of the cord.

This knot looses easily: pull the shorter tail of the cord.

2. Mounting Anchor cord (AC) to the working surface.

Continue working with the same cord. Make the second sliding loop moving 5cm (2 inches) to the left of the middle of the cord. It should give you about 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) between your SL. The approximate middle of the AC should be roughly in the center between the SL. Attach each SL to the working surface with a pin. Try to insert the pin through the center of the loop, not piercing the cord itself. The cord between pinned SL should be tensed. To add tension you can also pin loops to the working surface.

Updated: 28.09.2021 — 14:04