Lesson 7. Frivolite Knot.

You will need two cords to learn and train frivolite knot. Mount the AC to the board. (Lesson 1). On the AC mount the WC using LH knot simple or wide (Lesson 2). Both cords could be of a convenient for you length.

* The right WC will be the new AC. Take it with left hand and pull down. With your right hand take the left cord (which is the WC now) under the AC. Make a loop as for Vertical DHH going left to right (Lesson 4(1)).

Still holding the AC under tension with your left hand, tighten the loop with your right hand, pulling the cord upwards and to the right.

For the second loop: pulling the AC with you left hand, take the WC under the AC with you right hand.

Take the end of the WC around the WC back and down through the loop.

** Holding the AC under tension with your left hand, tighten the loop, moving it to the previous loop. This is Right-sided frivolite knot.

For further knots hold the AC still under tension with your left hand and tie the knots with your right hand repeating steps from * to **. Tighten the knots evenly, moving each loop closer together and to the privious knot.

Please note that the AC and WC do not change roles during knotting. The AC stays AC and the WC stays WC. Note the certain bar pattern on the right side. It indicates that knots are done correctly.

For Left-sided Frivolite knots use mirrowed movements. The right hand holds and pulls the AC, the left hand ties the knots.

The first loop of the knot is made as the first loop of the Vertical DHH going right to left (Lesson 4(2)). For the second loop the cord goes under the AC than back and down through the loop. The bar pattern will form on the left side of the row.

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