Lesson 2. Lark’s Head knot. Mounting working cords on the Anchor cord.

  1. Mounting cords. Lark’s Head knot.

To learn and train knots cut several cords approximately 60cm (23 in) long. Take one cord, form two SL as shown in the Lesson 1, pin the loops to the working surface. We have AC. Now we shall mount WC.

Fold one of the cords in half. Insert the loop under the AC.

Fold the loop over the AC to yourself. Pull the tails of the cord through the loop up.

Tighten the knot, pulling both tails simultaneously and holding in place the forming knot on the AC with a finger of your other hand.

2. Broad Lark’s Head knot – broader variant to mount WC on the AC.

Mount WC on the AC with Lark’s Head knot, pull it tightly.

Of the two loose ends take the right one, make a loop with it on the AC to the right of the LH knot, pull the end of the cord up through the loop.

Tighten the new knot.

Take the left loose end and make a loop to the left of your knot.

Tighten the knot. Make all the knots even.

We mounted one working cord on the AC and got two working tails. In my tutorials I shall use mostly the term WC – working cord. The name of the cord – WC or AC shows the role which the cord plays in the knotting process. Thus during the knotting the same cord can be alternatevely AC and WC.

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