My name is Elena Miklush. I am a micro macramé jewelry designer.

It all starts with an idea. This may be an unexpected color combination, an element, and some little thing, which is gradually being supplemented by other details. No need to interfere in that process, everything goes on by itself, almost independently of you, you just have to “listen”. All elements of weaving, stones and beads are as living beings, they can find their place in an adornment, and if you guess the place right, the work will be pleasing to the eye. When you work, the initial idea can completely change and the final result will look different, but I try to keep the overall mood of jewelry.

If five years ago the art of micro-macrame was still a wonder, now it has many new admirers. The artists try different designs and techniques, nevertheless, in a broad sense, jewelry “made from threads” are rather an attribute of the popular Boho style. My goal is to go beyond this style, and the last five years I dedicated to creating beaded micro-macrame items that create a mood.

I participate in various exhibitions and contests to keep myself moving forward.

To buy my works, please, explore the section To Buy on main page.

You can find and follow me in Facebook and Instagram. My interests go beyond micro-macrame. I study Japanese language, and am very fond of Japanese handicraft. I am fond of reading, travelling and good movies. You can find Articles on these topics on my page.