Bindweed Flower Tutorial

The Tutorial is a set of photos, describing the process of knotting of a bindweed flower. The flowers can be used further by themselves or as a part in any piece to one’s liking.

There is no instruction to individual knots (you can find them at the “school” section). The knots used in this tutorial are: Mounting knots (lesson 2), Vertical DHH, (lesson 4), the wrapping technique (lesson 8).

Step 29 of the tutorial shows the set of four simple macrame leaves, there is no detailed instruction for the simple leaf (you can use the corresponding part of the vine leaf tutorial). Step by step photos, but the text is in Russian only.

The leaf, which suits the bindweed plant looks like a vine leaf (tutorial is free).

This technique allows simple adding/removing of the cords. Some photos are accompanied by verbal explanatlions.

The difficulty is average. The tutorial is aimed at experienced knotters or very enthusiastic beginners.

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