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General Instructions and Terms.

Some General Instructions and Terms. Work in a well-lighted environment, best of all with a natural light. From time to time make eye gymnastics. Make pauses in your work. For complete beginners the next rule is to not be impatient. Before you begin making some big piece of art master your knots. Learn to tie […]

Lesson 5. Diagonal DHH.

Diagonal DHHs are made on one AC with multiple WCs. The AC is pulled and hold at an angle (usually 45 grad but may be different) that is why the knot is called Diagonal DHH. Basically the knots are Horisontal DHH (Lesson 3), but keep in mind the increasing legnth of the WC to keep […]

Lesson 6. The Chain.

The Chain is knotted on two cords which change their roles alternatevely. Each cord will act as AC for one loop and as WC for the next loop. You always hold the left cord in your left hand and the right cord in your right hand. Mount one cord on the AC with simple LH […]

Lesson 7. Frivolite Knot.

You will need two cords to learn and train frivolite knot. Mount the AC to the board. (Lesson 1). On the AC mount the WC using LH knot simple or wide (Lesson 2). Both cords could be of a convenient for you length. * The right WC will be the new AC. Take it with […]

Lesson 8. Wrapping

Wrapping is made by alternatevely tying Vertical HH (not DHH!) going left to right and right to left. The AC stays the same, the WC stays the same. Hands change their roles. For training mount one cord of a convenient length on the AC (Lessons 1 and 2) with simple LH. We shall take the […]

Lesson 9. Square knot. SK chain.

To learn and train the Square knot mount two WCs of a convenient length on a AC with simple LH knot. (Lessons 1, 2). Two middle cords will be the AC. This is the basic pattern, though when necessary only one cord or a bundle of cords could be used as the AC. Pull two […]