Hundertwasser Suspenders/Braces.

$250 + postage ($15 — Europe, $25 — USA, Canada, other destinations at request).

The Suspenders with Hundertwasser houses motif. Women’s accessory. Macrame Cavandoli. Malachite chips embroidery. Natural stone beads. Leather lining.

The length (not including the clips) is adjustable from roughly 94cm to 97 cm(37in to 38in). Measure your required length with a measuring tape from the middle point of your belt on the back, over one of shoulders to your front and to your belt on the front, where you plan to attach the front clip. The tucked part of the band is held in place with elastic band. Suspenders are rather stiff and not elastic.

There is no paypal payment at the moment. If you want to buy a piece, please contact me at there might be available payment and shipment options.