Mouse earrings. Master-class.

6 cord X 80 cm. Anchor-cord+5 working cords. Make a row of horisontal DHH the last left cord taken as an anchor-cord.
In the second row: leave the last left cord out. Take the second cord from the left as an anchor-cord. Make a row of horisontal DHH.
For further rows repeat the following: leave the last left-side cord out and take the second cord from the left side as an anchor cord. Make a row of horisontal DHH.
The rows are getting shorter. Finished half of the leaf-pattern.
Put a bead for the mouse nose on the last anchor cord.
For the first row in the opposite direction use the same anchor- cord. Make a row of horisontal DHH symmetrical to the last row of the half-leaf.
For further rows take the last right-side cord as an anchor cord. Make a row of horisontal DHH. In each row use respective cord left out while making the half-leaf to tie the last in the row DHH and bond halves of the leave together.
Finish the leaf-pattern. Then follow the link to see video on how to make the body:
While making the body, hold the curves in place by pinning your work to the board. Leave two cords for the tail. Knot further.
Leave one cord for the bead.
String bead on the cord. Knot further.
Use the cord comming from the bead to make one of the knots while working on the curve.
Coming to the end leave all the cords out and needle the last ancor cord through two nearest rows.
Flip the work over. Take the threaded cord as an anchor cord and make a row of horisontal DHH with all the rest cords.
Fix the knots as usual. Cut the ends.
Sue two beads as eyes. For the ear thread 15 cm cord between two rows as shown. Pin the 20 cm working cord to the boeard.
First knot vertical DHH then add the rose doubled 15 cm cord
then make another vertical DHH.
On the row back: vertical DHH, two rose-cords horisontal DHH, vertical DHH.
The third row: add one more rose cord in the middle of the work.
And one more in the fourth row.
make two more rows without adding cords
For the last row: add one rose cord and make a knot with grey cord. Remove rose cords one by one.
Tie the ends, fix the knot and cut the reamining cord.
The second ear is symmetrical. Make the tail. Finished.

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