Thirstle Tutorial.

The Thirstle Tutorial is a set of photos, describing the process of knotting of the simpler version of the thirstle flower and leaf. There is no instruction to assembling the elements into final piece of ornament. There is no instruction to individual knots (you can find them at the “school” section). The knots used in this tutorial are: all types of VHH, the wrapping technique. The technique which is used for the Leaf is also described in the “Cornflower earrnings” tutorial and the “Butterfly” tutorial. Cut nearly all threads for the project approx 30 cm (12 in) long. Some photos are accompanied by verbal explanatlions.

The difficulty is above average. The tutorial is aimed at experienced knotters or very enthusiastic beginners.

Dimensions: Flower is about 3 cm (1.2 in), the large leaf is about 7 cm (2.76 in)

Materials used: polyester thread, TOHO beads #15.

Petals. The Petal bundle.

The Calux

The Leaf

The Leaf consists of two halfs. The left half is knotted from the bottom to the top, than the right part is knotted from the top to the bottom. Each branch consists of two halves also. First part of each branch In the order of knotting runs along green arrows; the second half runs along orange arrows. It is important to exclude threads from time to time when knotting first parts of each branch (along the green arrows) and include these threads back into knotting on the way back, when knotting second parts of each respective branch (along orange arrows). Thus we connect all halves together.

The drawing of the leaf is illustrative. The number of threads in the initial bundle is random (7 in my case). The length of the threads is convenient for you to handle. You can add or remove threads during knotting at any time. The Start point is at the green arrow at the bottom of the leaf.

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