Way of a beginner macrame-lover

From time to time I get messages/questions from macrame beginners who do not know where to start and how to start and feeling late even to begin learning when they see people around making sophisticated things.

Here are 4 steps to alleviate those fears: (applicable not only for macrame beginners btw)

  1. First, there is nothing to fear! Macrame is not dangerous, and you harm nobody. The worst thing is you spoil cords. Just remind it yourself every time when you begin your work.
  2. Even if you are not a complete beginner but tried macrame some time ago at school/kindergarten etc., start from the beginning. Recall basic knots, rows, etc. And here comes an important thing: find free YouTube tutorials, explaining basic knots and choose only ONE of them, (same stuff is true for a book: buy only one) work on it from the beginning to the end. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in basic stuff and it is not worth wasting time on looking for better instructions. It is much more important to begin. Do NOT postpone until you buy suitable cords or macrame board! If you want to try, try it now. Just take whatever suitable supplies you have at home: packing rope, linen string, shoelaces (not bad btw). You can use a board with a clip for macrame board, make a board from styrophoam package (cover it with plain cloth) or tie an anchor cord around your leg (do not use pins on your leg though ?). Later you will understand what supplies you need, and which type of tutorial is more suitable for you.
  3. Assuming you agree and fulfill the above points, we face the motivation factor. Here comes a very important thing: do not focus on an immediate result (a bracelet or a wall hanging) focus on the process, enjoy it, learn from it. In no time you will feel yourself confident. It is like learning to read. First you learn letters (knots in our case) and then you learn to read and write words i.e., to make rows and to understand what you have made. It takes time and effort. But in several months (which pass very quickly as we all know) you will see definite progress. Do not compare your work with the work of others: there will always be people better than you. You should track your own progress and you should like the process.
  4. One more very important point. If you are thinking whether to try or not, you definitely try it. There will be nothing to regret, but you may like it. And finally, if all the above is not enough a motivation, there is one more thing. Your health: learning is good in all ages to keep your brain exercised, your fingers flexible, and your nerves calmed.
  5. If you read this article to this point you deserve kudos for patience, which is essential for macrame-makers.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. The worst possible outcome – you do not receive an answer.

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