Micro-macrame threads overview

What thread do you use?

Here is the long version of my answer to this question. Please note, that this is not an Ad. I will describe the cords I use regularly. I do use other cords sometimes, but the characteristics are mostly the same.

The photo of the classical macrame leaf illustrates the different results when using different cords (number of cords and rows is the same).

macrame leaf different threads

#1. “Dafna”, made in Italy waxed 1 mm thread. Ideal for beginners. Very convenient for knotting and have great colors.

#2. and #6.  “Cizmeli” shoe sewing thread, unwaxed, made in Turkey. There is a variety of sizes, great color palette. Ideal for belts, bags etc.

#4 “Micron” shoe sewing thread, made in China, are more or less the same as “Cizmel” but have a smaller color palette.

#3 C-Lon is well known among micro-macrame lovers. Perfect for knotting and colors are great.

#5 YarnArt Tulip – too soft. Though I used it a while ago when I needed a certain color.

#11 “Micron” sewing threads (see below) are too soft for knotting which is very inconvenient ?.

## 7,8,9 Now come my favorites! I combine them with each other and love their colors, shine and texture. They are all made in Turkey, 0.3 polyester non-waxed.

Among them “Kaplan” is more tightly twisted and holds knots just a little bit better.

#10 metallic thread. A very complicated topic for me. Metallic threads are usually comprised of a cotton core with a thin metallic thread twisted around the core. If the core is too thick it will show on your work when you tie your knots tightly. The finished work will not be shiny but sloppy and disappointing. Sometimes I come across very good metallic threads with a nice thin core (maybe even without it) but it happens very rarely. Thus, I just buy whatever I see. Sometimes I get lucky sometimes not. I use threads made in Turkey and China.

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