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Micro-macrame threads overview. Part 2.

I am adding new metallic thread in my overview of threads I use for micro-macrame. This thread I bought on Aliexpress in Sanbest shop. The link is in the end of the article. According to the manufacture the 4-ply thread is 0.28 mm, 750 m in a bobbin. As stipulated, the thread comprises of 4 […]

Lacy element.

This tutorial is 101 photos long and shows step-by-step how to knot this lacy element. You can use the element as it is, or make minor alterations adjusting the basic form for your design. Examples of my works, in which I used modified versions of the basic element. The tutorial is aimed at those of […]

Bunny. Master-class.

The MC is for experienced macramé-lovers. If your are a beginner I would recommend to learn basic knots. You can find deteiled instructions here:http://artnodus.ru/en/category/school.
I do not give detailed description for the photos. For the details of the “flower” part you can refer also to my “Butterfly earrings” MC https://www.facebook.com/pg/ArtNodus/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1202626739873507
For the “leaf” part refer here http://artnodus.ru/en/master-class/wine-leaf-master-class. There is no English description but the photos have more details.