Micro-macrame threads overview. Part 2.

I am adding new metallic thread in my overview of threads I use for micro-macrame. This thread I bought on Aliexpress in Sanbest shop. The link is in the end of the article. According to the manufacture the 4-ply thread is 0.28 mm, 750 m in a bobbin.

As stipulated, the thread comprises of 4 plies, each one is a thin syntethic core tightly wrapped by flat metallic strip. Four plies are tightly twisted in one thread. As a result we have a whippy thread that holds knots very good.

While knotting, the core does not show through the threads and does not spoil the outlook of your finished work. The knotting look shiny and neat.

The downside is that if you make a mistake and need to untie a knot, the thread will be heavely damaged and this will be visible in the final outlook.

Note, that you can not burn your ends of metallic thread. It is better to use a clear nail polish to secure knots and cut the ends short with a shartp blade.

I have encorporated a photo of a leaf made of Sanbest metallic in the comparison photo from the first part of the overview article.

The whole thread overview article you can read here. It will open in a new window.

To read further description of the thread, other reviews and to buy the thread visit Sanbest shop on Aliexpress. !! Please, note, that this page of the shop is for Russian customers. It may be that it looks different in your country. In this case search for Sanbest shop on Aliexpress, than choose 4-ply metallic thread !!

This is not an ad. It is only my personal opinion and experience (not extensive with this thread so far).

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